Bengt Warne passed away in december of 2006. This site is meant to be a documentation of his work. It's not possible to cover all details of his lifetime achievement, but this is an attempt to show some of it. For those of you who want to know more, most of his work is collected by The Swedish Museum of Architecture in Stockholm.

Bengt Warne was a very skilled architect and researcher who devoted his life to designing and erecting houses that would allow people to live in harmony with nature.

The Water Lily House, the Nature House and many others, are all examples of his vision of an ecological way of living.

"Even if ecology has been misunderstood as moralistic, boring, uncomfortable and expensive, it is now proved to be radically the opposite.

Living in a greenhouse gives architecture a fourth dimension, where time is represented by movements of naturally recycled endless flows of growth, sun, rain, wind and soil in plants, energy, air, water and earth. I call this NATUREHOUSING."
Bengt Warne