The first Nature House was built in Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm in 1974-76. The core, a living area, is surrounded by a shell of glass - a greenhouse. Nature's own flows and cycle of exploitation is used. The elements earth, water, air and fire can be used to maintain the house.

Mull earth is produced in a room below the toilet. Kitchen and garden waste is composted as well. Rainwater is collected, used for bathe, dishes and laundry and then returned to nature as irrigation and nutrition. The plants clean the air and enriches it.

A high-efficiency stove is able to keep the house warm in times of extreme cold. The sun drives the air around the living area and the heat from the greenhouse is stored in the bedrock below the house. The Nature House is a sun collector area to live in and the major idea is to return to nature what is taken from it.

The house was built as a home for Bengt and his family. It was also a center for research, development and demonstration until 1981. The house was then sold to a family who now lives there in private.

Several Nature Houses of various designs were then built, in both Sweden and Germany.

Nature House