Built in 1962-1964 in Uttran, Salem, South of Stockholm. Marketed by AB Patio and prefabricated by Oskarshamn Shipyard. 250 sq m, four bedrooms.

In many ways The Water Lily House was an experimental house. Originally designed as a high priced dwelling for one family, but also meant to be mass-produced, prefabricated in a smaller version for the “less than rich”.

The roof light flaps measured 8 by 4 meters hermetically sealed triple glazing, a heavy construction that should open and close many times every year that was never tried out before. Four hydraulic jacks operate a rack and pinion system, enabling the four roof flap sections to be folded back upon the roofs of the house like the openings of the petals of a flower.

The plan for this villa is the ancient atrium, with all the bedrooms and facilities surrounding a central square patio, with the beautiful turquoise swimming pool as the heart of the home. The house was heavily recognised in the Swedish and international press, and Bengt was invited to build Water Lily houses in The United States. In one smaller design it was also represented at an exhibition in Earl’s Court, London.

Water Lily House